What Exactly is Mohs Surgery?

What Exactly is Mohs Surgery?

A skin cancer diagnosis can be a cause of concern for anyone, but it is also a fairly common diagnosis today. As with many forms of cancer, there are a host of treatments available that can offer great results. Mohs micrographic surgery has stood the test of time as the most trusted option for removing some common types of skin cancer and some types of melanomas as well as a few more unusual types of cancers.

Our specially-trained physicians use Mohs surgery to preserve as much healthy skin tissue as possible, reducing recovery time and reconstructive surgical needs while providing highly effective treatment.

Mohs Surgery

How Does Mohs Work?

Mohs is done by removing single thin layers of tissue, examining the tissue under a microscope, and repeating this procedure until no more cancer cells can be found. Our team members who perform Mohs surgery are specially trained to execute three specific functions throughout the procedure: 

Our in-house lab work ensures that Mohs surgery is minimally-invasive, with the ability to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible, and generally results in minimized recovery time and reconstructive options compared to other treatments. Generally, you will not leave your appointment until all cancer has been removed, but a follow-up appointment may be scheduled to confirm that your wound is healing properly.

Why is Mohs Surgery the Best Treatment Option?

Mohs surgery is considered the gold standard for the treatment of some of the most common forms of skin cancer because it is highly cost-effective and guarantees precise results. Generally, only a single outpatient visit is required with local anesthesia and onsite lab work done while the patient waits. Because the procedure is repeated until all cancerous tissue is removed, healthy tissue is spared and the smallest scar possible results.

Mohs surgery is considered a particularly useful option for cancers in areas where you want to preserve as much tissue as possible like the face, ears, hands, feet, and genitals. This method is also useful with cancers that have a high likelihood of recurrence or after a recurrence of cancer that has been previously treated.

Mohs Surgery Consultations Available

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What Results Can I Expect?

One of the best advantages of Mohs is the 99% cure rate for first-time treatment of skin cancers when caught early on. For skin cancer that has recurred after previous treatment, the cure rate remains an impressive 94%.

Is Mohs Right for Me?  

Our team of specialists is trained to perform Mohs micrographic surgery in a precise, efficient manner for the best possible patient results. The best way to determine if this treatment is right for you is through a consult with one of our expert providers. Our team at Laser Skin Care Center will be happy to discuss your options and will work to help you achieve the best possible outcome with the most effective, least invasive options for you.

” Joanna Chan is the best doctor to handle all your skin problems. She is an expert in Mohr surgery for skin cancer and works to make her surgery invisible. Dr. Chan sincerely cares about her patients. Laser Skin Care is a light, bright, clean, new office with lots of free parking, and all the staff is helpful and caring. No waiting, always taken in at appointment time, I highly recommend Dr. Chan and Laser Skin Center.” *

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