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Cancellation Policy

Due to an increasing numbers of “no shows” and late cancellations we have found the need to implement a cancellation policy:

Patients should inform the office no later than twenty-four hours prior to scheduled appointments if they are unable to keep the appointment. If the cancellation of an appointment occurs after the twenty-four hour time period, or if the patient “no shows” without warning, the patient will be charged a fee according to the length of time allotted for appointment. Regular office visits will be charged a $25 fee. Mole, Skin Cancer or Cysts procedure appointments will be charged a $75 fee. Moh’s Micrographic Surgery (extended skin cancer surgery) will be charged a $200 fee, due to the cost of the lab technician, who is paid on a per case basis. Cosmetic procedure deposits of $150.00 may also be forfeited if insufficient notice is given. The amount of cancellation fees for cosmetic procedures will be based on the particular procedure and the time and resources involved. Extenuating circumstances may be considered.

If patient has any questions regarding these fees, please ask for further explanation before your next appointment. Thank you.

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