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ipll-before-and-after-image-gallery-laser-skin-care-center-long-beach-caIntense Pulsed Light, also known as IPL, Fotofacial or Photofacial, delivers high-intensity pulses of light that penetrate your skin and heat the sub-surface layers. Laser Skin Care Center uses IPL to get rid of brown spots (age spots) caused by sun damage and unwanted spider veins, while stimulating healthy, new collagen.

What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)?

IPL devices use multiple wavelengths of light to treat sun-induced changes on the face, including brown pigmentation, age. IPL is also used to treat the facial changes of rosacea, including redness and broken blood vessels. IPL may be used for these changes on the forearms, hands, neck and chest as well. It is safe and considered non-invasive.

How many IPL treatments will I need?

In general patients have a series of three to six treatments, approximately one month apart.

How will I look after each IPL treatment?

Most patients experience a few days of redness, some brown spots may appear darker for a few days; they appear as little coffee grounds then flake off within 3-5 days in rare cases longer.  You can apply makeup immediately after IPL treatment if necessary.

What is my skincare before and after IPL treatment?

It is imperative that the area being treated is not tanned 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the day of the procedure.  Afterwards, it is important to protect your skin from the sun using a sunscreen daily. You should use a gentle skin cleanser and moisturizer for about a week, and then you can resume you normal skin care routine.

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