Mohs Surgery

What Exactly is Mohs Surgery?

A skin cancer diagnosis can be a cause of concern for anyone, but it is also a fairly common diagnosis today. As with many forms of cancer, there are a host of treatments available that can offer great results. Mohs micrographic surgery has stood the test of time as the most trusted option for removing some common types of skin cancer and some types of melanomas as well as a few more unusual types of cancers. Our specially-trained physicians use Mohs surgery to preserve as much healthy skin tissue as possible, reducing recovery time and reconstructive surgical needs while providing highly effective treatment. How Does Mohs Work? Mohs is done by removing single thin layers of tissue, examining the tissue under a microscope, and repeating this procedure until no more cancer cells can be found. Our team members who perform Mohs surgery are specially trained to execute three specific functions throughout the procedure:  Precise removal of cancerous tissue Pathological examination of the tissue in the lab & Surgical closure of the [...]

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