How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

Excessive hair growth is something that affects millions of Americans. It can arise due to puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and a hormone imbalance. Some people even experience excessive hair growth due to medication they must take on an ongoing basis.

One of the best ways to deal with excessive hair growth is with laser hair removal treatment. At the Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, our expert team can address a range of excessive hair growth issues with laser hair removal treatment.

Many people are familiar with laser hair removal. But, some people experiencing excessive hair growth wish to know how long its effects will last. The following explains more about laser hair removal treatment and the length of time that its effects will remain.

Long Beach Laser Hair Removal

*Individual results may vary

About Laser Hair Removal

Whether for cosmetic or hygienic reasons, many people wish to address excessive hair growth. The most popular and long-lasting treatment option is laser hair removal, and that’s because it offers a durable solution.

Laser hair removal, as the name suggests, uses laser technology to place pigmented hair follicles into a state of dormancy. Each treatment session is quick, safe, and works on all skin tones.

At the Laser Skin Care Center, we use the industry-leading Cynosure Elite MPX for laser hair removal treatments. It boasts dual wavelengths to produce superior outcomes for all patients and results in faster, long-lasting results compared with single-wave technology.

How Long Will It Last?

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients considering laser hair removal treatment is how long will the results last? Most patients elect for annual maintenance sessions to keep unwanted hair at bay.

Even if a patient doesn’t have any maintenance sessions, only finer hair may return. And even in those cases, the hair is fewer in numbers. Annual maintenance treatments guarantee that no hair will return for added peace of mind.

Our treatment specialists at the Laser Skin Care Center will advise you whether you might need any maintenance sessions in the future.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Most patients elect for laser hair removal because they’re fed-up of using temporary solutions like shaving, waxing, and plucking. Laser hair removal treatments offer a more permanent solution for people seeking to get rid of unwanted excess hair.

The Cynosure Elite MPX laser hair removal system we use at the Laser Skin Care Center offers excellent results, regardless of skin tone. Traditional laser hair removal treatments often had a tough time targeting hair on patients with dark skin colors.

Another advantage of laser hair removal is that each treatment session is non-surgical, quick to administer, and boasts instant visible results.

Laser Hair Removal Consultations Available

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Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Men and women of all ages and in good general health make excellent candidates for this innovative treatment. If you’re worried about light sensitivity or whether laser hair removal will work on your skin tone, our dedicated skin experts will discuss your concerns with you. 

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*Individual results may vary.

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