Cosmetic Trends for Summer 2017!

Cosmetic Trends for Summer 2017!

Here at Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA, we’re obsessed with finding the latest cosmetic trends for every season.  That’s why we’re so excited to release our list of the cosmetic trends you need for summer 2017.  But rather than the same tired trends (Bronzer? Yawn. Light makeup? Obvious!), we decided to take a look at the hottest cosmetic procedures and treatments you’ll want to book to get ready for summer.

You heard it here first – these are the cosmetic trends for summer 2017!

  • UltraShape Power:  If you’re not looking forward to donning a bikini this summer, sign up for an UltraShape Power consultation.  This body contouring treatment reduces fat deposits by up to 32%, meaning you’ll see noticeable inch loss after your series of three treatments (scheduled two weeks apart).  UltraShape Power results can be seen in as little as two weeks after the last UltraShape treatment. Best of all, it’s completely painless!
  • Vivscal Hair Care: Want longer, thicker, more luscious-looking hair?  At Laser Skin Care Center, we’re proud to offer our clients the Vivscal Hair Care line, which contains shampoos, conditioners, and oral supplements designed to produce your best hair.  With just a few weeks of Vivscal Hair Care, you and your thick hair will be ready for all those summer selfies!
  • Laser Hair Removal: Of course, we also offer laser hair removal that is safe for all skin types. Get those bare legs ready for your bikini in the summer heat!

Get a head start on the latest cosmetic trends for summer 2017 by scheduling a consultation at Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA today!

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