What’s the Best Treatment for Sun Spots or Sun Damage?

What’s the Best Treatment for Sun Spots or Sun Damage?

Over time, after years spent in the sun, its harmful rays start to damage our skin – particularly in sunny Long Beach, California. The best treatment for sun damage is constant and continued use of broad spectrum sunscreen. Broad-spectrum sunscreen helps shield your skin from both UVA and UVB light, protecting you from skin cancer and sun damage. Laser Skin Care Center offers several broad-spectrum sunscreens for patients including EltaMD and SkinMedica products.

melasma before and after treatment.

In office treatments such as chemical peels and IPL or Fraxel laser treatments can also treat sun damage and sun spots. They offer fantastic, immediate results that can last for a long time if followed by the proper at home care. These non-surgical, but slightly invasive treatments can:

Often, combination treatments give patients the best results for treating sun-damage. Many patients alternate monthly between chemical peels and lasers to achieve the most optimal results for even skin tone and texture.

Depending on the severity of your sun damage, some patients need multiple treatments and follow an at home skincare regimen such as hydroquinone or lytera 2.0. These depigmenting products help lighten dark spots on the skin and even skin tone.

For more information about protecting your skin from sun damage or reversing sun spots, schedule a consultation at Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA today! (562) 997-1144

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