What Every Man Should Know about His Skin

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What Every Man Should Know about His Skin

Skin in your 30’s
1. Early wrinkles from excessive frowning and movement
2. Redness and brown spots develop from sun damage
3. Fine lines and shadows form around eyes, drooping eyebrows
4. Facial volume loss begins at rate of 1 tablespoon per year
5. Dry skin from decreased collagen and elastic fibers
6. Razor bumps from ingrown hair, dryness from daily shaving
7. Early sagging and fat collection under chin and neck
8. Slower metabolism leading to a collection of belly fat

• Consult with your dermatologist to learn how to prevent aging
• Wear medical-grade sunscreen daily and consider skin care plan to stimulate collagen and reduce damage (anti-aging moisturizers, eye cream)
• Easy in-office procedures to reverse surface damage and soften wrinkles
• Kybella or neck liposuction for double chin, Ultherapy to prevent sagging
• Ultrashape Power for fat removal and body contouring

Skin in your 40’s
. Forehead lines and frown lines deepen, Crow’s feet visible around eyes
2. Skin is no longer as tight as it used to be
3. Blotchy red skin, uneven pigmentation, fine lines more noticeable
4. Skin tone dull, larger pores which may be clogged
5. Neck bands more prominent, neck becoming saggier
6. Fat collection under chin and around abdomen worsening

Solutions for Skin in your 40’s:
• Consider Botox and Xeomin for wrinkles and fillers to soften etched lines
• Start higher strength medical-grade skin care products and sunscreen
• Consider Fraxel laser or peels for brown spots and skin texture, V-beam for red spots, Ultherapy to stimulate collagen, lift eyebrows and sharpen jawline
• Ultrashape Power for stubborn belly fat, Kybella or neck lipo for double chin

Skin in your 50’s
1. Deeper wrinkles, frown lines, prominent creases around mouth
2. Dark brown spots and redness on face, chest, back of hands
3. Eyelids droopier along with temple and cheek volume loss
4. Scaly, red pre-cancerous spots (actinic keratoses)
5. Thin lips with vertical lines, corners of lips turn downward
6. Dry skin and loss of elasticity; hairy nostrils and ears
7. Bone loss along jawline causes prominent jowls
8. Sagging neck worsens with gravity, loose skin on body
9. Worsening belly fat, love handles and possible “double chin” results

Skin in your 60’s and Beyond
1. Facial bones shrink, facial volume loss causes sagging all around
2. Poorer circulation and blood-thinners causing easy bruising
3. Droopy hooded eyelids, bags under eyes from weakened muscles
4. Red spider veins on face, dark brown spots on face, chest, hands
5. Visible wrinkles, creases, jowls, and multiple folds on face and neck
6. Jawline meshes with neck, causing double chin
7. Skin cancers, thicker brown “age spots” and drier skin
8. Thinning and loss of hair and possible “beer belly” abdominal fat

Solutions for Skin in your 50’s, 60’s and beyond:
• See your dermatologist regularly for skin cancer prevention and medication to stimulate hair growth
• Botox/Xeomin and fillers to soften facial and neck lines and to restore volume
• Lasers and tightening treatments for overall skin health
• Blepharoplasty under local anesthesia to lift upper eyelids
• Kybella or neck liposuction for double chin
• Ultrashape Power to reduce abdominal fat
• Medical-grade products and SPF to optimize and maintain results of procedures


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