What Is the Best Treatment for Vitiligo and Psoriasis?

What Is the Best Treatment for Vitiligo and Psoriasis?

If you suffer from vitiligo or psoriasis, then you know just how debilitating these skin conditions can be.  Vitiligo occurs when pigments within the skin are no longer able to make pigment; as a result, white patches appear all over the person’s body.  Psoriasis is a similar skin condition in which red, scaly patches appear all over the skin.  However, this autoimmune disease occurs when too many skin cells to rapidly build up; as a result, skin becomes itchy and flaky.

No matter which of these skin disorders you suffer from, it’s likely you’re looking for relief from your most visible symptoms: discolored skin patches.  At the Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA, our dermatologists are pleased to offer XTRAC treatments, a powerful laser light therapy that can quickly clear away visible skin patches from vitiligo or psoriasis.

The FDA-approved XTRAC system is the best treatment for these skin disorders because it focuses on delivering long-lasting results.  The XTRAC technology delivers a focused beam of ultraviolet light directly to the active lesion, which helps clear it quickly and without any pain or downtime.  It’s so effective that it’s estimated most clients can see totally clear skin after 10 to 12 treatments!

Many patients see significant clearing of their worst symptoms; in fact, most patients saw greater than 95% clearance in their vitiligo and psoriasis symptoms, making this a go-to option for people who want to feel free from skin discolorations and patches.

While XTRAC for vitiligo and psoriasis isn’t a permanent solution, it can offer clients several months of freedom from their most persistent symptoms.  Additionally, most of the costs of an XTRAC treatment regimen is covered by many insurance plans, making it a highly affordable option.  If you’re curious if your insurance policy covers the cost of treatments, you can call the Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach – we’ll help you find out! Call

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