Pre and Post Instructions for Velashape

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Velashape is intended for cellulite reduction, circumferential reduction, and skin tightening. We recommend a course of 3 treatments 1 week apart. Results will vary based on patient’s lifestyle, diet and other variables, no result can be guaranteed. We also recommend maintenance treatments periodically.

I confirm that I do not have the following contraindications to this procedure:

  • Pacemaker, implanted cardiac defibrillator, or other electromagnetic implanted devices
  • Pregnant, or breastfeeding or anticipated pregnancy during the treatment phase
  • Metabolic disorders or are currently taking any medication that could affect fat metabolism
  • Hepatitis or other liver diseases
  • Immune system disease or connective tissue disorders
  • History of poor wound healing, an open wound or rash in the treatment area
  • Keloids, hypertrophic scars, or depressed scars in the treatment area
  • Blood or bleeding disorder
  • Photo-sensitive medications i.e.: antibiotics

During the course of your treatment, it is imperative that you follow your pre and post care instructions to receive the optimal results of your Velashape treatment.

  • Please avoid tanning 1 week before and 1 week after treatment.
  • Using your Skin Ceuticals Body Tightening Concentrate can help the results of your treatment.
  • We recommend exfoliating the area to be treated, the night before your treatment.
  • It is normal to experience a warm sensation for hours after your treatment.
  • Please let us know if a blister appears on the skin following treatment, although rare it may occur, due to the heat we are introducing into the skin. (562)997-1144.
  • It is normal for the skin to appear pink or welted for hours after the procedure, please let us know if there is any excess redness that last more than 3 days after your treatment.
  • Following a balanced diet and exercise regimen will help your results last longer.
  • Bruising and broken blood vessels may appear and will go away in time, please let us know of any excess bruising or swelling after your Velashape treatment.
  • Please avoid any excess heat after treatment and do so for the next 48 hours, i.e.: hot tub, sauna
  • Taking blood thinners such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Fish oil or any NSAID can cause more severe bruising, redness and swelling.

The best results will appear up to 10 weeks after your last Velashape treatment. More treatments may be desired depending on the patient’s desired outcome. If you have any further question, please call us at (562)997-1144.


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