Lip Augmentation

Best Injectable for Lush Lips

Many men and women seek ways to bring a better balance to their face through non-surgical lip augmentation. Some are simply unhappy with the lips they were naturally given, while others have suffered from age-related volume loss. If you’d like to define your lip line, increase lip volume, or combat fine lines around the mouth, injectables can help. After all, who wouldn’t want perfectly smooth, lush lips? Not all soft tissue fillers are created equal. Each injectable has a unique formula designed to address specific concerns. At Laser Skin Care Center, we offer several options for patients seeking to plump their pout or minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the ultra-sensitive area. Lip Injectables in Long Beach, CA We love lip injectables because they can produce near-instant results with a simple in-office visit.Soft tissue fillers don’t require any downtime allowing patients to quickly get back to their daily routine without restrictions. Most patients can enjoy long-lasting results for upwards of 6-12 months. Depending on your individual needs and end-goals, one of the following injectables may be just what you need to attain a luscious pout. Juvederm Volbella [...]

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How Can I Safely Enhance My Lips?

Just as some of us are born with great legs, teeth, or arms, some of us are born with great lips. Others lament the size and shape of their lips – and unfortunately there are no exercises or braces to help change them! Additionally, as we age, our lips tend to thin, lose shape, and show signs of aging. Fortunately, there are several safe and effective injectables that can enhance and improve the size and shape of your lips. Restylane Silk FDA-approved for lip augmentation and smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth, Restylane Silk provides natural looking results for lip enhancement and wrinkle repair. Made of smaller and smoother particles than some other lip injectables, Restylane Silk uses a tiny needle, which offers improved patient comfort and natural, subtle results. Most patients see visible lip fullness for up to 6 months after injection. Volbella Made of hyaluronic acid, Juvederm Volbella is an FDA-approved injectable that plumps, smooths, and enhances the lips and improves the appearance of vertical lip lines. Volbella offers subtle, natural looking results. Results last [...]

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