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How Does PRP Improve My Skin?

PR, what?! PRP stands for ‘platelet-rich plasma’ and don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. PRP is used for improving all kinds of skin problems and overall, rejuvenating your skin to its youthful ways. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how PRP works and why its taking the beauty industry by storm. View More Patient Results *Individual results may vary How Does PRP Work? At Laser Skin Care Center, we take skin rejuvenation to the next level. By incorporating this fantastic PRP technology with microneedling we’re able to bring our patients exceptional, long-lasting results. PRP is a pretty simple 3-step process: Blood is drawn from your arm.  The platelets are separated from the plasma by spinning it down in a centrifuge.  The platelet-rich serum is applied topically to the face along with Microneedling or injected into the scalp for hair restoration or to the face.  PRP works because of the recovery properties of blood cells. Because the cells are your own, it’s a procedure that’s safe [...]

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The Benefits of Getting Regular Facials

Spa facials are the ideal way to get and maintain optimal skin health. While many men and women follow a strict at-home skincare regime, it’s still important to opt for professional intervention every so often. There are many benefits to getting regular facials for patients with all skin types, textures, and tones. Even patients with sensitive skin can take advantage of spa facials. At Laser Skin Care Center, we offer a variety of facials that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. For most patients, we recommend getting professional facials on a regular basis. Here’s why: Enjoy A Deep Cleanse  Facials are the perfect way to take your skincare routine to the next level. Adding regular facials to your regimen helps exfoliate and extract accumulated dirt, debris, and dead skin cells. We use science-backed, evidence-based ingredients that are known to hydrate and nourish the skin from within. Each facial removes about 2-weeks worth of unwanted gunk leaving you with a refreshed complexion. Get Instantly Happier, Healthier Skin Regular facials help address individual concerns as well as providing total [...]

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Winter Skin Care Tips

Between the cold, dry air outside and artificial heat inside, winter can be harsh on our skin. Prolonged cool-weather can cause our skin to look grey and feel dull. If you want to keep your skin happy and healthy this time of year, you’re going to have to put a little extra legwork in. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the tips you need to winterize your skincare regime so you can make it through unscathed. Our skilled team of medical and cosmetic dermatologists share their top secrets for promoting optimal skin health all winter long. Take a look below. Get the Most Out of In-Office Treatments Winter is the best time of year to get skin rejuvenation treatments. Why? Skin rejuvenation treatments are designed to exfoliate, hydrate, and boost skin-heathy collagen production which is essential in dry, winter months. Procedures like chemical peels, laser treatments, and microneedling have long-term results that can last well into your upcoming spring vacay. Because you’ll need to avoid prolonged sun-exposure after certain in-office procedures, shorter winter [...]

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Reverse Damage from Summer Sun with Fraxel

The best part of summer can be all the time spent outdoors -- at the beach, the park, or lounging in your backyard. But as good as the sun may feel on your skin, sometimes it damages it too. Particularly if you forgot the SPF all summer. At Laser Skin Care Center, our physicians use Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing to help patients treat damaged skin, such as sun spots, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Fraxel treatment is a noninvasive skin resurfacing procedure approved by the FDA, and can improve skin health and texture for many patients. Fraxel treatments treat fractions of the skin at a time. During treatment, the laser is used on only a small percentage of the skin and leaves the surrounding area untouched, leading to a much shorter recovery time. The laser is focused on areas below the skin affected by wrinkles, discolorations, or acne scars, encouraging the production of new collagen. The result is healthier, more vibrant skin with less fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, as the treated area begins to heal, new, healthy [...]

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How Can I Correct My Skin Discoloration Without Lasers?

Many people earn for a bright, even complexion, spending years and many different treatments trying to achieve it. One popular way to remove skin discoloration is through lasers, but those can be costly or cause pigmentation in certain skin tones. How can you correct your skin discoloration without lasers? One way is through the Lytera® 2.0 Advanced Pigment Correcting System, which consists of serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Lytera products are formulated without retinol, which can be too strong for sensitive skin. This makes it less likely to cause peeling and irritation. While hyperpigmentation affects patients of all skin types, it can be particularly stubborn to treat in those with darker skin tones. Lytera has been proven to reduce the appearance of various types of hyperpigmentation in a wide variety of ethnicities and skin types. It also features new technology to impact how the body produces melanin, helping balance melanin production. Skin discoloration happens for a variety of reasons – the biggest being exposure to the sun and other environmental factors and pregnancy. Even the [...]

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Why You’re Getting Facial Wrinkles

Most of us accept wrinkles as a part of aging. Though genetics and age do play a role, there are other reasons you may be getting facial wrinkles – either prematurely or more prominently. Sun Exposure Sun exposure can account for up to 70% of skin’s apparent aging. Always wear protective clothing, such as wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses. Also, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more to protect the skin. Smoking Cigarettes reduce blood supply to the skin. It also triggers the breakdown of collagen and can lead to loose, saggy skin. Pursing your lips to smoke can cause wrinkles in the form of lines above your mouth. Drinking Alcohol dehydrates the body, which leads to puffiness, dry skin, and premature aging. Dehydration can make the skin appear papery and fine wrinkles more apparent. Skip that third glass of wine and opt for water instead to prevent wrinkles. Sugar Diets high in sugar and low in antioxidants lead to poor skin nutrition and have [...]

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What is the Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage?

Unwanted pigmentation problems, like sun damage, brown spots, redness, or splotchy skin can cause our faces to age prematurely. A smooth, even complexion is often associated with youth. Though the best treatment is prevention through use of sunscreen, flawless skin is attainable. Laser Skin Care Center offers several treatments to treat hyperpigmentation and sun damage specifically. Chemical Peels Chemical Peels come in several different intensities (mild, medium, and deep) and remove damaged outer layers of skin on the face for smoother texture, diminished blemishes and pre-cancerous growths, improved scarring, and glowing skin. Chemical peels enhance cell turnover and improve collagen production. Fraxel Fraxel laser produces thousands of microscopic laser columns, which penetrate deep into the skin. The heat from the energy bursts removes damaged cells but does not cause significant damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This treats uneven pigmentation commonly associated with sun spots, melasma, and even precancerous conditions. See Our Before and After Gallery IPL Intense Pulsed Light, also known as IPL, Fotofacial or Photofacial, delivers high-intensity pulses of light that [...]

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What Skin Care Procedures Can I Do Before Events?

If you’re like most of us, you procrastinate. So although you’ve been thinking about the high school reunion or your daughter’s wedding for months now, you’re just now getting around to making an appointment for a skin care procedure to look your best for the event! But what procedures can you do right before an event? Many leave your face red and patients need a recovery period. Clear + Brilliant The Clear + Brilliant Laser treatment is ideal for patients who have mild to moderate complexion issues.  If you are seeking more dramatic corrections, you may want to seek out a more aggressive laser treatment. The ideal Clear + Brilliant Laser candidate is someone who has always taken good care of their skin and doesn’t have time for more invasive or intensive procedures. If you just need a small boost a few days before an event, Clear + Brilliant is a great procedure. View Our Gallery Benefits of Clear + Brilliant Minimizes pore size Smooths texture Removes brown spots Makes the skin [...]

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Will An Eyelid Lift Really Make Me Look Younger?

An eyelid lift, also known as Blepharoplasty, can enhance the appearance of the eyes. Saggy or drooping eyelids can be an age-defining feature for many people and make us look older than we really are. It is a major reason people consider eyelid surgery to remove the excess sagging skin, to create a more alert and youthful eyelid appearance. Yes, an eyelid lift can really make you look younger! An eyelid lift can make it appear as though you can finally open your eyes fully.  During the procedure, tissue and sagging skin will be removed based on your underlying facial muscle structure, bone structure and the symmetry of your eyebrows. While eyelid surgery will not eliminate other cosmetic issues like dark circles, crow’s feet, or other facial wrinkles, it can make you look refreshed, younger, less tired and more alert. Eye lifts can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as laser resurfacing, filler injections, or forehead lifts. Though results can be dramatic, they will rejuvenate and freshen the eyes—not change the structure of your eyes. The upper [...]

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What is the Difference Between an Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift?

As we get older, our skin can begin to sag and fat deposits can begin to accumulate in places we don’t want them – even around the eyes! This extra skin and fat can make us look tired and older than we really are. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that can take years off your appearance and includes upper eyelid surgery or lower eyelid surgery. Upper Eyelid Surgery During upper eyelid surgery, an incision is made in the natural crease of the upper eyelid. Extra fat, skin, and muscle is removed or redistributed and the remaining skin is lifted for a more youthful appearance. Upper blepharoplasty leaves a patient looking refreshed. Patients who benefit from this procedure have drooping eyelids. Some patients may even be experiencing vision impairment, which upper blepharoplasty can help treat. Lower Eyelid Surgery During lower eyelid surgery, and incision is made below the lower eyelashes and excess fat, skin, and muscle are removed and redistributed. Patients who benefit from lower blepharoplasty usually have dark bags and circles beneath their eyes, making them appear permanently [...]

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When Should I Throw Away Old Cosmetic Products?

Did you know that June is National Safety Month?  That’s right – National Safety Month is dedicated to helping people learn how to curb behaviors and habits that can lead to health problems.  While many organizations are focused on improving habits at work, on the road, and in the home, here at Laser Skin Care Center we think it’s worth emphasizing safety in your cosmetics bag. It may seem trivial, but old make-up can lead to significant healthcare concerns.  From eye makeup that causes infections to bacteria that can be passed through old lipstick, here’s a definitive timeline of when you should throw away old cosmetic products: Mascara: You should definitely throw away your mascara every three months, as bacteria quickly builds up on this staple cosmetic product.  Ultimately you should be replacing your mascara up to four times per year. Eyeshadow and Eyeliner:  Eyeshadow should be thrown away after two years (sooner if you use eyeshadow every day), while eyeliner should be thrown away between three to six months.  The only exception to this rule is if your eyeshadow is [...]

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What Laser Treatments Are Good For Ethnic Skin?

  For African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans, finding the best laser treatments for laser hair removal and skin resurfacing can be a frustrating challenge.  Since many laser devices are designed to target dark pigment on lighter skin, clients with ethnic skin may not see as optimal results.  The experience is certainly a disappointing one – especially considering it’s 2017! Fortunately, a new range of laser technologies have made it possible for clients with ethnic skin to enjoy better results – and they’re now available at Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA. Whether you’re looking for laser hair removal or laser skin resurfacing, take a look at the laser treatments that are ideal for ethnic skin: Clear + Brilliant: Clear + Brilliant laser treatments is commonly known as “lunchtime laser resurfacing”, as its effective without requiring significant downtime. The Clear and Brilliant laser targets and heats darker pigments in the skin which caused the breakdown of red and brown spots. Other benefits to this laser procedure includes the appearance of smaller pores and improvement in skins elasticity. You’ll need a [...]

What’s the Best Treatment For Hyperpigmentation?

Whether you have hyperpigmentation as a result of sun damage or are predisposed to brown spots due to genetics (thanks, parents!), the end result is still the same: your uneven skin tone is preventing you from feeling 100% confident.  Topical treatments aren’t exactly helping; in fact, you’ve been applying creams for weeks and haven’t seen any results. If you’re looking for the best treatments for hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and sun damage, then it’s time to discover the skin-transforming treatment menu at Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA. Take a look at all the ways we can improve your skin tone! Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments uses carefully controlled pulses of light to break down darker pigments in the top layers of the dermis. At the same time, these light waves heat the sub-dermis layers to encourage faster cellular turnover.  The IPL procedure is ideal for treating red and brown spots, as well as improving collagen production.  Most patients will need three to five treatments to see best results. Clear + Brilliant: The Clear [...]

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Having beautiful skin is often the first impression

Having beautiful skin is often the first impression one can give about lifestyle, outlook, and even personality. When your skin looks amazing, you can often feel amazing.  To a certain degree, how great your skin looks now is based upon winning the "genetic lottery" and inheriting great features.  Despite this, we can all improve and strive to look our best given what we have.  Given the current state of medical technology, we are lucky to have at our disposal the ability to customize a skin care regimen and try low-risk, elective procedures to optimize our look and improve the appearance of our skin.

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