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How Can I Fix Sagging Ear Piercings?

Just like every other part of our body, our ears can become aged and aesthetically displeasing. Years of sun exposure, wearing large or heavy earrings, or sleeping with earrings on in bed can leave you with loose, sagging earlobes. The condition can affect your hairstyle choices and the jewelry you wear. The good news is, earlobe rejuvenation can boost your self-confidence and make you look naturally years younger. At Laser Skin Care Center, we have two options for earlobe repair depending on the severity of your condition. Both are minimally-invasive and can be done in-office with little to no downtime. Let’s take a closer look at what might be right for you. Sagging Ear Piercing Holes Sagging earlobes are an easily correctable condition, but without maintenance, symptoms can worsen over time. Many of our patients opt for dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Radiesse to improve the appearance of their earlobe. Dermal fillers plump the skin around the piercing hole and temporarily strengthen the ears structure for 9+ months. Injectable dermal fillers are the perfect solution for patients [...]

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Can I Get Rid of My Tribal Tattoo?

Unwanted tattoos are a common complaint among many men and women. Maybe your ink conjures up bad memories of your rebellious youthful past, or perhaps your partner isn’t as in love with your tribal tattoo as they are with you. Whatever the reason you’re unhappy with your tribal tattoo, laser removal may be the solution for you. At Laser Skin Care Center, we use advanced laser technology to safely and effectively remove tattoos of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our go-to treatment for tattoo removal is the Q-switched Alexandrite laser due to its ability to be customized to your individual needs. How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take? You may want your tattoo gone as quickly as possible, but removal won’t be as easy as getting the ink in the first place. You’ll need a series of 3-10 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to rid yourself of that bad tattoo. The good news is, laser tattoo removal has come a long way in the past decade, making treatments very tolerable. The number of treatments needed depends on a few [...]

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What Skin Care Procedures Can I Do Before Events?

If you’re like most of us, you procrastinate. So although you’ve been thinking about the high school reunion or your daughter’s wedding for months now, you’re just now getting around to making an appointment for a skin care procedure to look your best for the event! But what procedures can you do right before an event? Many leave your face red and patients need a recovery period. Clear + Brilliant The Clear + Brilliant Laser treatment is ideal for patients who have mild to moderate complexion issues.  If you are seeking more dramatic corrections, you may want to seek out a more aggressive laser treatment. The ideal Clear + Brilliant Laser candidate is someone who has always taken good care of their skin and doesn’t have time for more invasive or intensive procedures. If you just need a small boost a few days before an event, Clear + Brilliant is a great procedure. View Our Gallery Benefits of Clear + Brilliant Minimizes pore size Smooths texture Removes brown spots Makes the skin [...]

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What is the Difference Between an Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift?

As we get older, our skin can begin to sag and fat deposits can begin to accumulate in places we don’t want them – even around the eyes! This extra skin and fat can make us look tired and older than we really are. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that can take years off your appearance and includes upper eyelid surgery or lower eyelid surgery. Upper Eyelid Surgery During upper eyelid surgery, an incision is made in the natural crease of the upper eyelid. Extra fat, skin, and muscle is removed or redistributed and the remaining skin is lifted for a more youthful appearance. Upper blepharoplasty leaves a patient looking refreshed. Patients who benefit from this procedure have drooping eyelids. Some patients may even be experiencing vision impairment, which upper blepharoplasty can help treat. Lower Eyelid Surgery During lower eyelid surgery, and incision is made below the lower eyelashes and excess fat, skin, and muscle are removed and redistributed. Patients who benefit from lower blepharoplasty usually have dark bags and circles beneath their eyes, making them appear permanently [...]

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Will Sun Exposure Ruin My Cosmetic Procedure Results?

You’ve just scheduled a cosmetic procedure designed to improve your complexion – and you couldn’t be happier!  You can’t wait to show off your newfound results to all your friends and family members.  In fact, your mind is swimming with images of your gorgeous glow at parties, barbeques, and beachside bonfires. But before you undergo your cosmetic procedure, consider this – unless you protect your sensitive skin from sun exposure, you could end up stunting or even reversing results from your treatment. Many cosmetic procedures that utilize lasers, ultrasound energy, or even injectables can cause the skin to become more sensitive.  For example, take laser skin resurfacing: depending on the type of technology you’re using, the procedure either removes top layers of skin or creates micro-channels within the skin to prompt collagen production.  Either way, your facial skin is going to be extremely sensitive to pigmentation after this procedure. If you expose yourself to sunlight without sunscreen protection, you’re making it much more likely that your newly sensitive skin will become pigmented and discolored.  That’s why it’s always recommended that [...]

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