Will Sun Exposure Ruin My Cosmetic Procedure Results?

Will Sun Exposure Ruin My Cosmetic Procedure Results?

You’ve just scheduled a cosmetic procedure designed to improve your complexion – and you couldn’t be happier!  You can’t wait to show off your newfound results to all your friends and family members.  In fact, your mind is swimming with images of your gorgeous glow at parties, barbeques, and beachside bonfires.

But before you undergo your cosmetic procedure, consider this – unless you protect your sensitive skin from sun exposure, you could end up stunting or even reversing results from your treatment.

Many cosmetic procedures that utilize lasers, ultrasound energy, or even injectables can cause the skin to become more sensitive.  For example, take laser skin resurfacing: depending on the type of technology you’re using, the procedure either removes top layers of skin or creates micro-channels within the skin to prompt collagen production.  Either way, your facial skin is going to be extremely sensitive to pigmentation after this procedure.

If you expose yourself to sunlight without sunscreen protection, you’re making it much more likely that your newly sensitive skin will become pigmented and discolored.  That’s why it’s always recommended that you invest in a great sunscreen with a high SPF (think 50 or above) and that you wear it regularly, even if you’re not going outside.

It’s not just aftercare that you should be concerned about.  If you get a sunburn before your cosmetic treatment, you’ll end up having to cancel the procedure altogether.  The reasoning is simple – a sunburn causes discolorations, which could increase the likelihood that accidental pigmentation may take place.  Therefore, make sure you’re wearing your sunscreen in the weeks leading up to your cosmetic treatment, so you won’t end up having to cancel!

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