How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

Men and women experience age-related bags and puffiness under the eyes due to shifting fat in and around the eye region. This can cause us to appear older, more tired, or sick. Additionally, we lose fat in the cheeks as we age, and the area where the cheek meets under the eye becomes more spread out and many people see a separation between the undereye fat and the cheek fat, causing bags, puffiness, or hollowness. If you want to look as good as you feel, Restylane can help reduce puffiness and bags around the eyes.

A symptom of age, lack of sleep, stress, or other environmental factors or lifestyle habits, bagginess around the eyes is treatable. Restylane is a natural dermal filler made with hyaluronic acid that enhances volume under the eyes, reducing bags and helping you appear fresher, more alert, and younger. When injected under the eye and at the top of the cheek, it smooths out the transition between these two areas and gives your face more volume, essentially erasing puffiness and bags.

Those with hollowness under the eyes – including young people – may benefit the most from Restylane.

If the bags or puffiness under your eyes is extreme, sometimes it is best treated with surgery rather than fillers such as Restylane®. It’s important to find a doctor with experience in dermal fillers and under eye treatment. When hyaluronic acids are placed improperly in the lower eyelid, side effects can include abnormal swelling and visible color change in the skin.

Results are seen immediately, though the final results can take a few weeks to appreciate if any swelling occurs. With full corrections, results can last 6-12 months. The act of injection can also stimulate collagen to grow, which can be even more long-lasting.

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