How Can I Fix Sagging Ear Piercings?

How Can I Fix Sagging Ear Piercings?

Just like every other part of our body, our ears can become aged and aesthetically displeasing. Years of sun exposure, wearing large or heavy earrings, or sleeping with earrings on in bed can leave you with loose, sagging earlobes. The condition can affect your hairstyle choices and the jewelry you wear. The good news is, earlobe rejuvenation can boost your self-confidence and make you look naturally years younger.

At Laser Skin Care Center, we have two options for earlobe repair depending on the severity of your condition. Both are minimally-invasive and can be done in-office with little to no downtime. Let’s take a closer look at what might be right for you.

Sagging Ear Piercing Holes

Sagging earlobes are an easily correctable condition, but without maintenance, symptoms can worsen over time. Many of our patients opt for dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Radiesse to improve the appearance of their earlobe. Dermal fillers plump the skin around the piercing hole and temporarily strengthen the ears structure for 9+ months.

Injectable dermal fillers are the perfect solution for patients who would like to address asymmetrical ears or correct both earlobes that sag excessively. Treatments are quick and easy. You can expect 3-5 strategically placed injections which are lidocaine-enhanced for your comfort. Best yet, there’s no downtime involved, and you can even wear earrings the same day.

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Split or Torn Earlobe

Earlobes that have become split or torn can be corrected with a minimally-invasive suture procedure. Treatments are done in-office in about 30-minutes under a simple local anesthetic. You can go back to work immediately after your procedure with minor restrictions. Sutures will be removed one week following your earlobe repair and ears can be re-pierced several months later.

Combination procedures can also be done to provide a more youthful ear appearance. During your in-person consultation, your aesthetician will determine a treatment plan to help you meet your short and long-term goals.

Earlobe Rejuvenation Long Beach

Take the Next Step

If you’d like to learn more about Earlobe Repair treatments at Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA, please fill out the form on this page or call (562) 280-2071.

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