Are There Any Side Effects With Chemical Peels?

Are There Any Side Effects With Chemical Peels?

If you would like to maintain beautiful, youthful skin it’s essential to include chemical peels in your skin care regimen.  Chemical peels deliver a range of skin benefits because they get rid of dull skin cells and unveil the clearer, youthful skin that lies just beneath the surface.  But are there any side effects?

Here at Laser Skin Care Center, we use chemical peels to help patients improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles, discoloration, acne scars, decongest pores, and more. 

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Types of Chemical Peels

There are different types of chemical peels, and the one that’s right for you will depend on your specific skin care needs and underlying skin condition. 

At Laser Skin Care Center, we offer a range of high-quality professional peels to suit every skin type. We normally recommend a series of treatments to get the best results.

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Are there any Side Effects with Chemical Peels?

We offer different types of chemical peels (light, medium, deep) at our office, to give you options that match your skin type, and skin condition.  There are side-effects associated with chemical peels, but these will vary based on the type of peel.

For light gentle peels, the most common side-effects include peeling, flaking, and redness.  These peels only penetrate the top layer of skin, so they have a quick recovery time.

Side-effects linked to more aggressive peels are similar but more intensive than those experienced with light peels. Occasional inflammation can also occur after a chemical peel.

Chemical peels increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so patients are advised to limit sun exposure and wear a gentle sunscreen to protect the skin.  Failure to use sunscreen after a chemical peel can result in sunburn or scarring.

Extra care must be taken when performing chemical peels on people with darker skin, to avoid complications such as hyperpigmentation. 

When performed correctly by a qualified professional such as a dermatologist or licensed aesthetician, chemical peels are safe and effective for all skin types.   Our skin care specialists will carry out a skin evaluation to determine the right chemical peel for your unique skin.

Benefits Of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are designed to rejuvenate the skin and correct skin issues, so they benefit the skin in several ways.  Even if you don’t need to address a specific skin issue, you can get a chemical peel simply to achieve a glowing complexion.  

Peels stimulate cell renewal and this makes the skin firmer, smoother, and softer.  They also make skincare products work better because they lift away the barrier of dead skin cells on the surface that hinder product penetration. 

Chemical peels stimulate the growth of new collagen which can lead to long term improvement in the tone and texture of your skin.

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