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Is There A Non-Surgical Solution to Remove Neck Fat?

Unwanted fat below the chin can make us appear years older and pounds heavier than we actually are. What’s worse, neck fat isn’t easily reduced with diet and exercise alone. And, when left untreated, neck fat typically becomes more prevalent with age. In the past, the only options for treating these isolated pockets of [...]

2019-05-22T19:46:27+00:00 March 22nd, 2019|

How Can I Get Rid of Muffin Top?

No matter how many sit-ups we do, it seems nearly impossible to achieve a sculpted abdomen. That little belly bulge, often known as a muffin top, can be extremely frustrating for both men and women. It can affect the clothing we wear and the activities we choose to participate in. But, there is hope! [...]

2019-05-22T19:47:40+00:00 March 10th, 2019|

Best Injectable for Lush Lips

Many men and women seek ways to bring a better balance to their face through non-surgical lip augmentation. Some are simply unhappy with the lips they were naturally given, while others have suffered from age-related volume loss. If you’d like to define your lip line, increase lip volume, or combat fine lines around the mouth, injectables can [...]

2019-04-15T11:33:56+00:00 February 26th, 2019|

The Benefits of Getting Regular Facials

Spa facials are the ideal way to get and maintain optimal skin health. While many men and women follow a strict at-home skincare regime, it’s still important to opt for professional intervention every so often. There are many benefits to getting regular facials for patients with all skin types, textures, and tones. Even patients [...]

2019-05-22T19:53:05+00:00 February 5th, 2019|

Reduce Acne Scars with DermaPen Micro-Needling

Acne scars can be a source of embarrassment for many men and women. In some cases, the raised dark spots pose a bigger aesthetic problem than the acne itself. While acne scars can fade over time, most patients don’t see scars disappear quickly enough. If you’re ready to improve your complexion with a minimally-invasive [...]

2019-04-15T11:31:30+00:00 February 5th, 2019|

How Invasive is Neck Liposuction?

The lower portion of our face is one of the first places to show visible signs of aging and changes in weight. A little extra fat below the chin can adversely affect every aspect of how we look from frontal view to our profile. What’s worse, under-chin fat is nearly impossible to treat with diet [...]

2019-04-15T12:37:43+00:00 January 25th, 2019|

Is There A Laser Treatment with No Downtime?

Between hectic work, family, and social lives, who has time for extensive recovery from an aesthetic procedure? It’s no surprise more and more patients are turning to minimally-invasive procedures to get the smooth, radiant glow they deserve. No-downtime procedures are providing exceptional results with a simple in-office visit. Whether you’re looking for a quick [...]

2019-04-15T12:46:59+00:00 January 15th, 2019|

PRP for Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common problem among aging men and women. The condition can occur as a result of genetics, hormonal changes, or other medical conditions. Unfortunately, early-on hair loss can leave many patients feeling older than they actually are. If you’re bothered by thinning hair or a receding hairline looking back at you [...]

2019-04-15T12:50:31+00:00 January 5th, 2019|


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