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Patient Testimonials

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Extremely knowledgable and caring doctors! Highly recommended for all your skin care needs! 😉
E. N.

Los Angeles, CA

Excellent Practice!! Dr. Kane has an excellent bedside manner. She removed my biopsy with practiced ease. The new location is absolutely marvelous. A truly wonderful experience.
Rebecca L.

Long Beach, CA

Best care for the entire family! We have been patients here for the past 15 years and I have always been extremely pleased with the quality of care and professionalism. Dr. Joanna Chan is THE BEST!!!
Marlene H.

Los Alamitos, CA

Dr. Joanna Chan is the best! She helped clear up my facial rash before my wedding. She was kind, compassionate, thorough, and respectful of my time. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family in need of dermatologic care.
Tiffani S.

Chicago, IL

I didn’t set an appointment here although the receptionist, Gina, was amazingly thorough and helpful. It’s not often Dr offices are familiar w other Dr offices and their health plans to refer patients but this experience was a good one. If they’re that sharp just from a call, imagine the quality above this. I was impressed. I love good customer service!
Aleks F.

Long Beach, CA

I have seen Dr. Kane regularly for over 15 years. She is an outstanding doctor and I have complete confidence in her. I started seeing her for cosmetic purposes. Whenever I had a concern about a growth on my skin, Dr. Kane would look at it, free of charge. She identified a malignant melanoma that I doubt another dermatologist would have correctly identified. This probably saved my life. I now go to her for skin screenings. Last April she noticed a swollen gland. I went to a surgeon who told me not to worry. When I saw Dr. Kane again she insisted that I get a biopsy. I did and was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. So, she probably saved my life a second time. I have the highest regard and respect for Dr. Kane.
Beverly S.

Long Beach, CA

I love Dr. Joanna Chan. . .because of her, my skin now looks amazing! I am so thankful I found her! Dr. Chan is a graduate of both Stanford & Harvard. . . so when you go to Dr. Chan, you know you’re going to the best! I’ve seen Dr. Chan for both medical (acne) and cosmetic issues (botox, fillers, lasers, etc). Results are amazing every time! Dr. Chan is excellent not just because of her knowledge & skills but also because of her kind heart. She truly cares about her patients. She’s very approachable and always makes me feel at ease. I trust her and only her with all my skin care needs. I really don’t know where I would be without her.
Sabrina H.

Pasadena, CA

Please pass along my thanks to Dr. Nguyen for treating my son Luke with professionalism and care this morning. It was much appreciated.
My Best, Jenni

Since I have been going to Laser Skin Care my friends and family say I look ten years younger. The staff and doctors are friendly, professional and very caring. They have the latest treatments to individualize any skin problems that someone might have. In addition they can recommend quality skin care products to use on a daily basis. I was treated by Dr. Chan; she is sensitive, attentive and very knowledgeable about the latest treatments to improve the appearance and health of the skin. She will make recommendations for various possible treatments, but will only do a procedure that fulfills the patient’s ultimate goals. I would give Laser Skin Care a five!
Rita Marks

Highly recommended quality medical group! Excellent physicians who deliver excellent skin care with a caring heart! The entire office including doctors, RN’s, medical assistants and ancillary staff are wonderful – they make you feel very comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. Their beautiful new office is modern, elegant and extremely high-tech. I became a new patient about a year ago at their former location on LB Blvd. Dr. Chan is my main doctor but I have also seen Dr. Tremaine too. Both physicians gave excellent screenings, gave detailed communication for every step of treatment and there were no surprises. My skin is in wonderful condition, thanks to them. One of my skin conditions is Psoriasis. Their incredible laser technology therapy brought my 25-year battle of Psoriasis to a halt! I was skeptical at first, but it works and I am Psoriasis free! Registered Nurse, Polly has advanced training in laser technology (Psoriasis and other issues). She is my skin-savior and I am no longer embarrassed by my Psoriasis patches. For the first summer in a long time, I’m showing skin! This first-class medical group usually can get busy, however the longest wait time I’ve experienced has been 10 minutes. This group is one of the best around! They have all the latest treatments for almost anything. I’ve recommended to two friends, and they feel the same way too!
Paula J. – Medical Dermatology Patient in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Kane does the most thorough skin examinations I have ever experienced. She really takes her time with patients and has been in the community for several decades. She has caught many skin cancers among my friends at an early stage, saving their lives. I have also had the opportunity to see other associates at the office for procedures and my experiences have been excellent. The new location is amazing! It’s brand new and in Douglas Park. The practice has acquired several new lasers and devices for hair removal safe for darker patients like me, and several effective non invasive anti aging procedures …. because who has downtime for that stuff? I also love their skin care product lines, their aesthetician and their new cosmetic consultant Carime who met me for free and told me what I could do to improve my skin. I totally trust my skin cancer screen and the well trained — even cosmetic fellowship trained ! —- dermatologists with my elective procedures. I would never go a medi spa and let any random injector near my face.
JJ B. – Medical Dermatology Patient in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Joanna Chan, receives the 5 Stars rating and Laser Skin Care Center is fortunate to have on staff, a knowledgeable; highly intelligent; caring & concerned adult; with tremendous likability. She has been my favorite care provider for four years – from her down-to-earth patient approach to her mild mannered methods – she cares and shows concern. We aren’t talking icing here. But more, the counseling; post-op wound care; stable laser hands; and skill injecting botox, juvederm; and sculptra aesthetic. Her insistence, sometimes after office hours and over weekends, remind this bruiser to avoid aspirin and ingest arnicare – she truly is committed to improving her patient’s health and their strong, positive outlook. Her wisdom is beyond Harvard Teachings & Fellowship Hands-On Training but in genuine and not rushed, examinations and consultations. She alone identified on my head, and strongly suggested surgical removal of a congenital epithelial cyst. A growth many other Doctors over years hadn’t diagnosed. Laser Skin Care isn’t all about cosmetic but genuine and professional patient wellness. It is unfortunate that some see it as a spa and the medical trained professionals as beauticians. They deserve recognition for the esteem degrees they have earned.
Dino D. – Cosmetic Dermatology Patient in Long Beach, CA

Both my husband and I have been patients of this medical center for more than 15 years, and we both love the professional treatment we receive. I see Dr. Kane who takes the time to examine my cancer- prone skin with incredible detail. The procedures she has recommended and performed have probably saved my life. Dr. Glassberg has removed squamous cells and basal cells from various parts of my body and performed MOHs cancer diagnosis right in the office. I love these guys!
Carol M. – Dermatology Patient in Cypress, CA

Had an eyelid surgery and a Fraxil (?) where they shoot a laser on your facial skin and it peels off a few layers. Results were fantastic and I can’t more highly recommend Dr. Chan and her staff.
Matt H. – Cosmetic Dermatology Patient in Culver City, CA

I went to see Dr. Joanna Chan for fillers. She did an amazing job using a soft substance called hyaluronic acid in my deep tear troughs to make me look refreshed she warned me that I could bruise but I had zero bruising! Even better the result is very soft subtle and natural.
Karan C. – Cosmetic Dermatology Patient in Las Vegas, NV

I have been seeing Dr. Kane since I was pretty much born – my mom has been seeing her for over 25 years. She is a caring doctor and treats us like family, and is always so happy to see us. She has an eagle’s eye when it comes to my skin and she has been able to catch many of my moles that need to be removed before they spread. Although the wait time can get long on some visits, my family is willing to sacrifice that knowing that we are receiving the highest quality care from Dr. Kane.
Lauren V. – Dermatology Patient in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Joanna Chan is an excellent physician. She provided me a prompt consultation for a problematic skin lesion and offered me not only a preliminary diagnosis, but also options for next steps. I could choose a biopsy and/or two potential treatments. She then offered her assessment of the risks and benefits of each, including possible consequences of the treatment unique to my skin type and ethnic heritage. Finally, she was concerned enough about what was best for me that she was even willing to recommend another dermatologist who would be closer to where I live. Dr. Chan is knowledgeable, trustworthy, kind, and a superb communicator, who genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being and ability to make informed choices. I will definitely return to Dr. Chan — she is worth driving for!
A.C. E. – Dermatology Patient in Arcadia, CA


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