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Community Outreach

Erase the Past


Dr. Bryna Kane and Dr. Edward Glassberg have helped to forever change the lives of 4,000 former gang members and youth-at-risk by giving them a fresh start that literally erases their past mistakes. They founded the ERASE THE PAST free gang tattoo removal clinic – largely out of their own savings — that begins with circle of healing in which they have had rival gang members whose families have shot at each other come together in peace, united by a common desire to start over.

Former gang members and youth at-risk agree to complete community service and voluntarily let Dr. Kane and Dr. Glassberg remove their gang tattoos with the most sophisticated lasers modern medicine and technology have developed. Their tattoos, which include gang symbols and clown gangs in which members faces are permanently tattooed, often stigmatize these young people and mark them for life – Until now…

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